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by Kuiper Light Drive

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I am a supernova space cadet And when I fly I never want to land I never want to land I am a supernova space cadet And when I'm high I finally understand I finally understand I am in motion Acid in the rain I'm disintegrating I am in motion Orbiting my brain I'm disintegrating I am a supernova space cadet But am I real? And when did we take off? And when did we take off? I am a supernova space cadet Why can't I feel? And when did I get lost? And when did I get lost?
Moon Goddess 03:28
Lady of darkness Calling me upward with your drums Enticing me closer To see what you have become Oh moon goddess From where do you fly? Light from your halo Will warm up the night Oh moon goddess From who do you call? Creatures unholy Will bow from the fall I can hear footsteps That will never be erased Leading me closer Closer to your grace I am waiting For you to call my name Stuck here listening To things that sound the same
Fetal Star 02:55
Fetal star Conceived of unseen light Grant me age Beyond my mortal allowance That I might partake of time's elixir That I might observe the grand beginning
Blam Blam 02:16
Where did you go? Starman And why did you leave? Blam blam (You left us all behind) There's love to be lost, to be found And all is fine You've felt it before So you know it is There's blood in your heart, in your veins And all is fine You've felt it before So you know it is
If I could crawl to your wide open space And let gravity pull me in Then I'd be free to cry fearlessly That I never stood a chance Erased in your shadow I'm blind to the sun That connects me from space to space Please let me be, there's nothing to see It's always clear I never stood a chance
You were flying through the solar system, shooting stars Checking out all of the planets as you swung past Mars But no one even knew No one even knew your name Baby you were hot for Jupiter, you said "Hello" "Can I take you out to dinner? Maybe see a show?" But she never even knew Never even knew you came Poor baby comet! Shoemaker-Levy 9! Well you jumped into her orbit, thought you'd ride the rings You were desperate for attention, feeling funny things And you wanted to make sense Wanted to make sense of it When you passed the Roche Limit you were in too deep Mighty Jupiter was waking from a cosmic sleep And she tore you limb from limb Tore you into tiny bits Twenty baby comets! Shoemaker-Levy 9! Caroline, Eugene and David Looking for you saw your fated Planet love Now everyone on Earth reminds you That your destiny will always find you Up above You knew that you could never have it all This whole breakup thing had left you feeling pretty small But you couldn't let it go You just kept hanging on to her With everybody watching here on planet Earth You gathered up your fragments and you dove head-first Into Jupiter Yeah you dove right into Jupiter Poor baby comet! Shoemaker-Levy 9! Miserable comet! Shoemaker-Levy 9!
O Mars 03:22
O great open desert Red rock from your broken face Where is water There is life O come take me into your illusion Of last embrace O planet of blood Your great canyons run into the sea What once flowed Across your face O pull me into your slumber Let me dream with you endlessly
My sisters and my brothers We go down to the river And we play Yeah yeah, we play all day There's all these lights and sounds And things that go around And round and round and round Yeah waiting to be found
I was unafraid at the space above Unlikely stories I was told That a light would come I was unaware that a sign was shown Until you shouted from your window And our suns - they rose Death - she rained upon us 'til our eyes did close Assuming our untimely ending And the lights went out I screamed ah Ah
GRB 090423 04:51
Been a long, long time Since anybody else came out this far Up in outer space You can feel so small among the stars And it's getting cold in this space station When I saw that flash of light It came to me as a surprise You appeared before me And I hardly could believe my eyes You said "Come with me" And I followed you into the light Crossing galaxies We flew by a universe each night And you took me to the end of all creation At a great black hole We turned back and looked at where we'd been We were just two lifeforms Spinning out and coming round again You took ahold of me You said that you'd been searching here for centuries Across this endless sea of stars To find your missing family You accidentally fell through a wormhole at age 3 And now you look at me And if I went with you I'd leave the only life I've ever known And if you stayed with me You would never ever find your home We are alone Here on GRB 090423


An album written, recorded, mixed and mastered in a 24-hour time period by Alex Vincent, Ally Nickell, Brian Casey Lee, Jacob Hall, Sarita Ford, Stephen Cope and Stuart Wheeler.

Album art by Brian Casey Lee.


released April 25, 2016


all rights reserved



Kuiper Light Drive Provo, Utah

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